Must eats Berlin


I went to Berlin to visit a friend from my period abroad. We only had about 3 days too see, do and eat everything there is in Berlin. It was quite a challenge to make this since all places we went to for food were amazing, but here is my top 5!

Cafe Krone

Just look at the pictures I made from the food, that will be reason enough to go there as soon as possible! We went here for breakfast/ lunch after I arrived in Berlin and we were super hungry. and since we couldn’t choose what we wanted, we ordered several dishes. Even the waitress said: “You know you ordered for 4 people right?” haha. I can only imagine what she might have thought, but definitely worth it!

Pane e vino

This might not be the typical restaurant where you will eat while in Berlin since it doesn’t look very fancy. But since it is not super fancy, the prices are also low and the food is really good. You have mostly cheap pizza’s and pasta’s. It’s open for both lunch and dinner, so if you are craving some Italian, this is the place to be!

Zeit für Brot

Besides being a bakery, you can also sit down and drink your morning coffee here. Since I had a morning by myself and wanted to see a lot I just stopped by to grab some food to go. I had heard about the cinnamon roles and the people who recommended me were not wrong. They were delicious and the roles are quite big so you are very full afterwards.

Kaffee Marlene

On my last day in Berlin we spoiled our selves by having breakfast at Kaffee Marlene. We  went for Marlene’s breakfast for 2 and enjoyed all sorts of cheese, ham, fruit, bread and more!

The juicery

This place is super cute on the inside and the people who work here are so nice! You can choose your smoothie or juice and they will make it right in front of you while you wait. Super fresh and healthy and a bonus is that it’s nearby one of the biggest parks in Berlin!

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