Must eats Rome


Rome is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, but that isn’t the only reason I have to go back one day. The food might be even better! I love the Italian cuisine and one place was even better than the other, I don’t even have an absolute favorite.. So here are my favorite places you must eat when you are in Rome.

Ombre rosso

This was absolutely my favourite place to eat while we were here. The food was delicious everywhere, but Ombre Rosso was in my opinion the best! It doesn’t have a lot of tables and when we walked by for the first time it was full. Luckily when we walked back while searching there was a spot free. It is on a cute mini plaza in the Trastevere and when we were there there was a band playing live music.

Pizzeria Luzi

Luzi was right around the corner from our Airbnb and thus also from the Colosseum. The food was delicious and the prices were low. I loved every bit of this place, especially the traditional hand written menu on the wall.

Anfiteatro Flavio

This amazing restaurant is right next to the colosseum. When you walk away from the entrance and the city centre to the park there is a street on your right hand with many restaurants with a terrace having a view towards the Colosseum. We thought it would be pretty expensive and the food wouldn’t be as good as we had before. But the joke was on us because it was soo good. This is one of my favourite Restaurants in Rome because of it’s position and delicious food.


This is a cute little place that sells different sorts of fried risotto balls (suppli). And wow it tastes good! They are not huge so that leaves you to try multiple and find your favorite. Tip: the arriabbata suppli was my favorite.

Pasticceria tipica siciliana

For the most delicious cannoli you will ever taste you will have to go to this cute confectionery. They have so many delicious pastries and cute souvenirs as well.

Campo de Fiori

They have both a restaurant and a ‘Forno’ which is sort of a take away part with easier things like and savory pastries. We have been heer multiple times since it was so good, definitely one of my favorite pizza’s I have ever eaten.

La casetta

This is one of the cutest breakfast spots I have ever been. We were wandering around in some side streets and were kind of lost, but we found this cute place. It only has a few spots and the menu is small but so worth it.

Borgo & Friends

When you are close to the Vatican and you don’t want anything too crowded, this is the place for you. It is not as cheap as many places in Rome itself, but definitely worth it since you will be hungry after spending a long time in the Vatican.

Dar Poeta

Perfect pizza slices for on the go while wandering through the Trastevere. Slices on the go in so many different flavors.

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