DC has not that many great places to eat like New York or London, well at least I didn’t find them. In my eyes, DC is more a city where people work and study but not go for dinners. But either way, food is life so we found great places to eat. 

Founding farmers

The food I ate here was so delicious!! Believe me when I say you NEED to eat here! Make sure you make a reservation, because dinner is super crowded and I understand why. There’s a great atmosphere and everyone is so nice. If you have multiple days, go for breakfast as well and share with your travel mates because you have to try it all!


Best pizza’s ever. You can sit outside in the garden, or you can take away. They have multiple locations, but we were so lucky to have one in our hotel (The Hive). There is also a bar/ restaurant where you can sit down and get served. There are multiple standard pizza’s, but you can also create your own if you prefer.

Tonic Restaurant

We were not that hungry since we were so tired, but I am glad we went in here. We had multiple small sides so that we could taste multiple things. The mac & cheese is great and we even ordered an extra portion haha! Also we had the most kind waiter, so if you want to have really good service, this is the place to go

Devon & Blakely

Don’t expect anything fancy from this place, because it is not. But when you are looking for a quick breakfast/ lunch and you are not sure what you want to eat, this is the place to be. You can choose anything from salads to soups and from sandwiches to sweets and it is all equal as good.

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