Shopping in New York

New York is the place to be to do some great shopping. There are stores everywhere and one is prettier than the other. But when there are so many places to shop, where do you start? 

Fifth avenue is obviously the best place to start since it is THE  shopping street of New York, and for that reason also one of the highlights during your visit. You have the most beautiful stores here from inside and out. The visual merchandisers know that most people will buy something here and they use this in their advantage. One simple example is the Abercrombie store, their Fierce fragrance is super popular and is bought very often so they gave it a very prominent place in the store. Well actually, they gave it multiple prominent places.

The second shopping place I went to was a small mall right next to Central Park nearby the Columbus Circle. They have multiple more expensive brands like Coach and Michael Kors, but they also have a beautiful Sephora on the second floor.

If you have multiple days in New York, you should definitely go to an outlet. There are many to choose from, so search for the ones that has your favourite stores and go there. I went to the Jersey Gardens outlet because it has a direct connection to the bus terminal on 8th street which made it super easy. There are over 150 stores so succes is guaranteed. The drive is about 40 minutes and we needed a whole day to go to every shop we wanted to visit, so only go if you have a full day otherwise you will be feeling rushed.

The last big place to do some quick shopping is at Times Square, where you have al known brands like H&M, Levi’s, Sunglass Hut and so on. So you catch two flies at once; seeing one of the most outstanding places in New York and do some shopping at the same time.

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