10 must do’s in New York

You can walk around for days and not see the same thing twice, New York is so big. And of course everyone knows the places you must go see, no matter how touristy they are. So here is the top ten things you can not miss while in New York. 

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the highlights in New York, no wonder that it’s crowded. But if you go early you might be lucky, you can rent a bike, but if you really want to enjoy the view and the bridge itself I recommend to go by foot.

Times Square

Do I even have to explain why? Super busy, but so worth it. Literally everywhere you look is worth staring.

Statue of Liberty

There are many ways to see the Statue of Liberty. You can take a tour and get on the island, but I personally find that way to touristy and the statue is to big to get a good picture. We went on the Staten Island Ferry (free!) and we drove past the island. Tip: When you board the boat walk all the way to the back, go upstairs and open the door to the deck. It might seem closed but when you go from the NY terminal to Staten Island it is always open. You will get the best view from the skyline and the best spot to take pictures.

Fifth Avenue

The first and most important reason to go here is obviously to shop. But besides spending tons of money, you can also take a look at the different buildings since some of them are quite nice.

Empire State building

If you can go here multiple times, you should! The city looks so different during the day, but if you must choose go during the night. All lights are shining and the views are breathtaking.

Central Park

Even during a bad weather day in the winter Central Park is gorgeous and you can literally walk for hours. We saw the Gossip Girl hotspots and at a square we were just in time to see a proposal. How cute!

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The outside of the museum is already stunning on it’s own, but the galleries inside are truly fascinating. A perfect escape on a rainy day!

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market isn’t too big, so you can quickly see it and move on with your day. But it is fun to see the different kinds of stores and food places.

Wall Street

The financial part of New York and home of many movies such as Wall Street itself with Leonardo. Many cool bank buildings and at the end you have the Holy Trinity Chuch.

One World Trade Center/ Freedom Tower and the memorial

Also one of the highlights you must see while being in New York. Both creations are impressive and you can feel a vibe of sadness and respect, it really left an impression to me.

For more tips check out my other blogposts about New York like the food hotspots you must visit.

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