Food Hotspots in NYC

Besides my regular must eat’s of New York, there were so many other food places I loved, that I had to dedicate a blog to it as well. These places are stuck between the must do’s and the must eats since going here alone is great, but tasting the food will complete your experience. 

Carlo’s Bakery 
I am a huuuuuge fan of Buddy and his show Carlo’s Bakery on TLC, so it was a no-brainer to visit one of the shops. And lucky me, there was one only two minutes from our hotel. Sometimes it is just meant to be I guess. We came back here several times to try different things such as the lobster tails,

Dylan’s Candy Bar
The place on earth for every child and adult. A three floors store about candy. You have all sorts of candy in every color. Even if you don’t like candy you must visit this place. The floor of the stairs have real candy sealed which looks awesome and in the basement you can see the different celebrities who visited over the years.

Max Brenner
Everything in this place is about chocolate. You can both wait for a table or get takeout. Since we had to wait for an hour we chose take out and ordered our chocolate pizza with marshmallows and hazelnut.

M&M Store
Well this one is a no-brainer and very popular, but I still wanted to mention this place. It is so colorful and if you only expect the M&M’s you are wrong. They also sell tons of merchandise and they have props all over the place so that you get an experience.

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