NYC – Lunch and Dinner

Just like the breakfast spots in New York, the food is also all over the place. We didn’t try everything on our wishlist since we loved Shake Shack too much. 

Market table
For a healthy and fresh meal you should go to the market table. There is often a line, but since it is so big you won’t have to wait long. I was craving spinach for the last days, so I decided to take a dish with it. It is often blend, but not here, it was great.

Shake Shack
We ate here so often, I am hooked. We tried different burgers during our stay, but the Chick’n Shack was my absolute favourite in combination with the cheese fries. Shake Shack is one of the reasons I have to go back.

As hard as it is to eat, the burrito is the best choice you can make especially when you add the guac (tastes so great!). I stuffed my burrito with chicken, guacamole, salsa and cheese and I loved it. You will be so full afterwards and not in need for another meal for hours. The best thing is, they are all over town so no excuses.

Everyday is fries day here. It is a low key cheap place to eat where you order at the counter and get a number. If you don’t want a fancy meal you can choose your fave and hang for a while.

Go here for the nice food, not for the great service or if you are in a hurry. Everything takes long (I don’t know why) but the waiters are nice and the food tastes good. You have big meals and small bites, so portions for everyone. My personal favourites were the quesadillas.

City Kitchen
If you and the person you are traveling with can’t agree on what to eat, go here. City Kitchen has several small stands with different sorts of food. From sushi to burgers and mac and cheese, you can order it here.

Side streets of Times Square
You can buy cheap and delicious pizza slices in the side streets of Times Square, don’t be afraid to search until you found the place you like best. I had a combination between two my favourite foods -pizza and pasta- in a slice on 8th street.

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