Rotterdam – Breakfast

Breakfast dates are my fave, and since I live so close to Rotterdam, it is a no brainer to have breakfast there and explore the newest hotspots. 

One of my favorite breakfast places to go to, everything on the menu is freakin’ delicious!! And because they only use healthier ingredients there is no need to cheat on your diet.

Noc Noc
I fell in love with this cute coffee bar, while I am writing this blog I am at this place for the first time. They don’t have a wide breakfast range but the place is soon nice it is definitely worth a visit.

Arzu the food bar supplier
For the most fluffy and delicious pancakes you have ever tasted. With toppings from marshmallows and nNutella to strawberries and peanut butter. And for the ones who can’t choose (like me) there is a platter with different items on the menu in mini version.

Vlaamsch broodhuis
For a true bakery breakfast you have to go to this place, which also happens to be a nice bakery.

A small family breakfast place with the most diverse sandwiches, my absolute fave is the one with chicken and honey-mustard sauce.


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