Rotterdam – Lunch / Dinner

Since everything I do (school, shopping, meeting with friends) is in Rotterdam, I spend a lot of time here. And because I love eating I often have lunches and dinners, so I am sharing my to go to places for lunch and dinner. Looking for a good place to have breakfast? Then check out my breakfast hotspots in Rotterdam. 

A pizza place for people who can’t choose. Because it goes per big ‘square’ you can order multiple flavors so you never have to make the ultimate decision.

Looking for a delicious, extremely healthy, fulfilling dinner? Freshii is the place to go, you make your own bowl, burrito, soup or salad with all different healthy foods. They will adjust their product to your preference.

The fastfood Italian, not only will you get your food super fast but it’s also delicious and cheap. They even have a Nutella pizza as a dessert, and in summer they have my favorite dessert too; Strawberry pizza.

A good place to have lunch or enjoy a high tea! You must make a reservation up front but soo worth it. They only have delicious and mostly healthy foods.

You have so many choice, but the thing I reccomand you to do is to order multiple bites platterns to share your dinner.

One of the nicest places to lunch in Rotterdam. But if you are too late for lunch it is also a nice place to have dinner or bites with a drink. Everything tastes good, so you don’t have to worry about your order. The only thing you but have to visit is time; because orders take some time.

A Latin-American kitchen on one of the most outgoing streets in Rotterdam; Witte de With. You can have a low-key dinner here and afterwards you can stay for a cocktail.

If you love chicken, this is the place to be! You can only order chicken as a meat and I love it.  They changed dishes and replaced the meat for chicken and they have small patato’s that are baked in the chicken fat. It is so yum!

Sumo is a big all you can eat sushi chain in The Netherlands. They have restaurants everywhere and they even have three sumo’s in Rotterdam. The easiest place to visit is in the Markthal, but the sushi is equally good in every Sumo restaurant.

The Loetje Rotterdam restaurant will open in the beginning of April, but this is actually my favorite restaurant in Amsterdam. After years they finally come here as well, I’m so excited for that!! They serve the best steak ever, so if you would like to have a nice dinner go there!

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