London – Breakfast

Having breakfast at a nice place is the most perfect start of the day you could ever have!  Curious about the best places in London, read along.

Start the day with a breakfast at Roast, the options are endless. Besides the food, the nice interior and view make you will have a good start. My personal favourite here was the avocado, but the pancakes with bacon and maple syrup are a close runner up. After breakfast you can visit the Borough Market and the Tower Bridge.

A cute Italian place that offers breakfast and lunch nearby Buckingham Palace. The perfect place to have breakfast while doing the ultimate London city tour.

The food market heaven, not only delicious to look at but you can also buy some breakfast on the go while you explore.

When you have to catch a train the patisserie is my to go to. Delicious sandwiches to take with you and enjoy while you are in the train.

Options of having Afternoon Tea are endless, you can go into almost every restaurant. It depends on what you want to choose the right place for you. Laduree and Sketch are nice, but my favourite of all is Bridgets Bakery. It has a cosy setting and most important; a delicious Afternoon Tea.

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