In the last week of my exchange I went to the Warner Bross studio’s to have a tour through the set of the Harry Potter movies. After a welcome movie you were surprised by the doors of the dining room. After a short introduction you could do the tour by yourself.  Note; the pictures are not in chronological order.

You could literally see every little detail that you saw in the movies and during your tour there were screens where short movies were played with explanation and behind the scene info. You could see all the animals that participated in the movies (there were 4 different mrs. Norris), wigs and costumes the actors wore and the masks goblins had to wear. You could even taste butter beer.

The beautiful Hogwarts castle, doesn’t really exists unfortunately. They build it in scale and filmed almost everything that happened outside with a green screen to photoshop it later. Hogwarts was breathtaking to see and it was so insane to find out how they filmed and edited everything.

The famous dining room is where the dour begins, you will get an introduction of the four houses, the dining room and of the different teachers Hogwarts counts. You will even see a few special effects they used while filming. After that you can walk around by yourself and you can take as much time as you need.

The tour was ridiculously awesome!! I recommend everyone to go there when you can, even when you are not a big fan. It is so cool to see all te sets, the props that are all handmade andthe outside spots; where you can find the house of the Dursley family and the Weasley car.

From Watford station you can take the special Harry Potter  tour bus to the WB studio’s!

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