The ultimate tourist guide – London

London is full of things to do and to see, you can walk around the whole day without getting bored. So, after my most recent trip to London we squeezed everything in two half days of walking.

Underneath you see the complete route, it seems long but if you have a full day you will have plenty of ‘rest’ in-between the walks. Ofcourse you won’t have time to see everything extensively, but you will have plenty of time to enjoy it all.


As you can see it has many stops and you can ee almost everything London has to offer. Here is the complete route listed;Schermafbeelding 2017-01-10 om 11.46.40.png

  • Oxford street
  • Hyde park
  • Buckingham palace
  • St James Park
  • Big Ben
  • London eye
  • Tower bridge
  • Piccadily circus
  • Regent park

Tip; use the bike stations, it costs 2 pounds to hire them and every ride under 30 minutes is for free. There are many stations so you can pick them up, ride, put them in another station and walk around.

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