Christmas in Cologne

As you know I love Christmas Markets, so three days after I went home we went to the first Christmas market already. And where else to go than to Cologne? A Christmas market with 4 big Christmas markets and many small hidden ones. 

The Markt der Engel (Angel market) on Neumarkt was my favorite Christmas market, al the lights were so beautiful and it smelled sooooo nice because of the food. There were so many diverse stalls and i feel like you could walk around for almost a whole day.

Besides my favorite, I liked the weihnachtsmarket am Kölner Dom a lot as well. This was the only Christmas market we saw during the night in real darkness and it was beautiful! It was at a beautiful spot; right next to the Cathedral and there was a great atmosphere.

Probably the biggest market in Cologne was the; Home of the Heinzelmännchen (Heimat der Heinzel) on Heumarkt. You could go in to a giant wheel, ice-skate and there was even a small curling course. The perfect combination between a lot to see and a lot to do.


Right next to the Chocolate museum (you must go there!!) was our last Christmas market;  the harbor market. It was the smalles one with the least amount of lights, which normally makes it so cosy. But there were a lot of small fires which made it better.


The train we took to visit all Christmas markets

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