Living here for a semester gave me enough opportunity to go out for breakfast, lunch and dinner; so that is what I did. I have tried so many restaurants out in Coventry but this is my ultimate top five;

Breakfast served all day, what else do you want?! You have many options, but if you choose for a lunch or a dinner at Cosy club, I recommend the french fries as well. They are crispy and delicious.

The perfect place for a dinner. I heard the hamburgers and burritos are great as well, but I always order my favourite dish in whole Coventry; Fajitas with chicken breast strips with sweet potato fries and aioli.

I can eat waffles and pancakes all day, every day. These combinations are sooooo nice. And it is a lot, even I struggled to eat everything.

The perfect place to eat nacho’s and chat with friends after school. You can share the big bowl of nacho’s ,but you can also eat it all by yourself. You get mozzarella cheese and three dips as well. Tip; if you can’t handle spicy food like me, don’t try the salsa but ask for more sour cream or guacamole. 

Make sure you didn’t eat anything before and that you don’t have a dinner date after, this freakshake will make you explode.

If you crave Italian food  I recommend; Bella Italia, which is a big restaurant chain with delicious Italian food.

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