London – Lunch/ Dinner

I am in love with London and with food, so what is a better combination than trying out every restaurant in town. Because I couldn’t make decisions of which restaurants to pick, so I am just going to make two lists; one for breakfast/ brunch and one for lunch/ dinner.

Delicious. The Byron burger is the most delicious burger I ever ate, together with fries of your choice; courgette fries, sweet potato fries or french fries, I can recommend them all.

Everything on the menu is delicious! The bread basket, the pasta, the meat everything.  His restaurants are all over the world but every restaurant is different. This is absolutely delicious, you will find me in this restaurant during my next visit again.

The first time I came here was a few years ago and I liked it so much I came back when I visited London again. It is perfect for a lunch or dinner, they have the best bread ever for starters, delicious main dishes and mouth-watering deserts. And the best part; it is right next to the Tower Bridge so you can enjoy the view and it is not costing tons of money.

A cosy little restaurant nearby Oxford Street what serves mainly Italian food. The prices are low but the food tastes great. We were so full of the bread (I LOVE bread) and the main that we couldn’t order desert, but I guess that that’s a good thing.

If you want a (cheap) quick and delicious meal on the go, you can pick it up here. You can choose loose sushi’s and make your own box or choose for a box already made for you.

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