Pre Christmas weekend

London is always a good idea, especially in the months before Christmas. Everything is cozier and there are loads of things to do besides shopping for gifts. 

I didn’t know about this place in the weekend I was in London, but it looked so cute that I had to come back.. So four days later I was in the train again, back to London.

When we arrived I was a bit disappointed, the Apple market was only a small part of Covent Garden. But since Covent Garden was full of shops and beautifully decorated I still enjoyed it a lot.

Turning on the lights on Oxford street was a real event, although I heard it was not that spectacular. But when I was strolling around it looked amazing! Not only Oxford Street what lighten up, but also the streets on the side (especially Regent Street).

From halfway November till new years Winter Wonderland is open! It is located in the Hyde Park and it is walking distance to Oxford street. We thought it would be a small area, but we were wrong; it is huge!! All the food stands and attractions, drinking beer in one of the sheds or on a turning bar; very cool for every age.

I went here both during the day and during the night, both are pretty cool but the lights are most beautiful during the night

Last but not least (this was our first stop) a small christmas festival nearby the London Eye. There are small stands to buy gifts and a lot of food stands that you can try out. A nice stop before heading to the London Eye and the Big Ben.

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