5 Must do’s in London

There are a million things to do in London, so five are not enough.. Maybe I will make it ten one day (hopefully sooner than later). But for now the 5 things that made most things that made most impact on me, and that you can not forget while being in in this lovely city.

The Big Ben is often used as a combined name of the attraction, but it exists out of the Elizabeth Tower and the Big Ben (originally the great bell). See the heaviest clock in the world witch goes off every hour.

From the Big Ben you easily walk to the next must see of London; the London Eye. Get in and see the London Skyline from one of the biggest observation wheels, the view is worth the wait. Even admiring the wheel from a distance should be on your check list.

It does not matter if you visit during the day or in the evening, both are beautiful. Walk over it, make pictures from the sides and see the beauty of the lightning in the dark.

Do yourself a favour and head there with an empty stomach, you will want to try everything they have. And yes, everything is as delicious as it looks.

Shop in one of the 300 shops, walk past the perfectly composed shop windows and have a delicious meal in one of the side streets.

Ok, just one more… Buckingham Palace
See the beautiful palace and enjoy the weather, come around 11.30 and watch the change of the guards as well.

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