A week of relaxing in Turkey

My first ‘grown up’ visit to Turkey was in the summer of 2015 with my boyfriend. Loving the weather and the hotel; Royal Wings – Antalya, Lara so much, I was determined to come back. So This summer I came back with my family for a week of relaxing.

The hotel offers more than just an amazing swimming pool, private beach with a lot of activities (I loved the banana boat) and delicious food. They have a lot of entertainment going on during the day and also in the night. So order a cocktail and enjoy!

The first thing that I fell in love with from the hotel was the big swimming pool! They have one big swimming pool at the back of the hotel, with different area’s and they are all connected. It will take you around 20 minutes to make the whole round. Besides, they have many activities like waterpolo and aqua gym in the pool during the day.

And yes, they have even more swimming space in the front of the hotel. Having a wave bath, a lazy river and a lot of slides.

The food is based on all you can eat in the main restaurant, where you basically have everything. But besides the basic menu they have every day, they also have a huge section on food from a specific country. So they have a dinner inspired by a different country every night of the week; Italian night, Mexican night, French night and so on.

If you feel like eating in a real restaurant, no worry’s! They have different restaurants as well, as long as you make a reservation you can enjoy a more intimate setting while eating.

Besides relaxing I also went diving two times. The first time we booked it from the hotel on, which I personally found the best option. It is not as touristy and they are really involved with you. A cab takes you there, you will be welcomed and you have the option to bring your own go pro or you can lend one for 10 euro’s.

They will give you a quick instruction and then it is time to see and feed some fish. The water was really clear and we saw a lot of beautiful fish and other inhabitants of the sea. After that you can stay as long as you want to relax and enjoy the view, if your finished just let them know so they can arrange your transport back.

My second diving trip was trough our travel agency who had arrangements with another diving school. Unfortunate we were with a lot of people, so that influenced the diving time. We took a boat trip for about an hour from the harbor and it was a nice ride. While you had to wait your turn to dive, you could swim in the water or just relax on the deck. But having around 25 people that can take a while..

After the first spot we went to another one, which basically looked the same while diving. The only difference was that we were deeper and saw a part of a shipwreck, but we saw les fish.


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