Hong Kong

When you visit Hong Kong, there are many places to eat and food you must have tried. If you only have a short amount of time to do it all, you have to prioritize. In this list you can find the restaurants I loved the most.

You have to walk over the boulevard anyway because it looks nice, but if you love sea food you have to eat here as well! You can often choose your own fish and they will catch it for you. You will look your eyes out and your tummy will thank you.

2. N1 COFFEE & CO.
This is definitely the place to be when it comes to breakfast. It is hard to choose so eating here multiple times during your stay wouldn’t hurt. I didn’t have time to try it all, but my  favourite is the egg and avocado bagel.


When you are in Hong Kong you have try dim sum of course. If you love Shin Chan, you have to go here. They make up the food with not only Shin Chan figures but also with other cute smiley faces.

While walking around in SoHo you will get hungry and this is one of the best places to catch your breath and eat something. You have all kinds of bao’s, deserts and sharing dishes. But the fries with truffle mayonaise are too good to share! So if you’re hungry it is for the best to take a bao and a sharing dish for yourself.

I didn’t expect to do this during my visit in Hong Kong, but the locals who showed me around told me this was something I couldn’t miss. You will get a lot of food which will be made for you on your table, so all you have to do is eat and enjoy.

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