3 Foods you must try in HK

Besides the 5 places where you must eat during your visit in Hong Kong, there were also foods that you had to have before you left. This is mostly available in the little food stands, but you can also go to the restaurants of course.

You can’t leave before you have tried Dim Sum. There are so many sorts of Dim Sum; different forms, colours and fillings. So you just have to try and find out which serves you the best.

This ‘snack’ is amazing. It is kind of cold, but it will not melt. It isn’t the best looking food, but one of the most delicious. It is a sort of white dough with a mango slice within. If you don’t like mango there are many other fruits (strawberry, banana etc.) to try.

You can buy the fish balls on the streets, but make sure they are made okay. They often come with two balls at a time so the best is to buy one at first to try and then buy more if you like them.

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