On our last day we went to the Ngong Ping 360, which is nearby the airport. It is something you can easily do on your last day, you go there early, storage your suitcase and go up. You can be there as long as you want, but don’t plan anything else because I think you will love it and stay the whole day.

Before you go you have to think about how you want to get to the top. If you love hiking and have all the time of the world you should go by foot, if not, than you should go by cable car. I personally recommend the crystal cable car because the floor of the cabin is from glass so you can enjoy the view from every possible angle and it is not that much more expensive.

When on top there are loads of things to do, so just walk around and do whatever you see first. Pet some cows, make a picture at one of the many entrance statues or just enjoy the view. And if you are lucky you can even see the further away mountain and it’s top when it is not cloudy.

When walking further you will see the stairs that lead to Big Buddha, it may seem like a lot but in reality it will take less 10 minutes to arrive at the top. You can see the many Buddha’s that are standing beside Big Buddha,  go inside and see the view the height has to offer. From there you can already see your next destination; the temples.

You have multiple temples, big and small that you can visit. And if you walk further than the first few temples you can see another special temple. This temple has more than a thousand Buddha’s in it and it looks incredible. Pictures are not allowed, but I’m sure you are not even thinking about making one because you are in the moment too much.

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