Hong Kong exists out of multiple islands and Cheung Chau is one of them, it is a versatile island where you can hang out for a day. You can visit the hotspots, lay down on the beach and try the food. With the ferry it is around half an hour from Kowloon, so it is worth a trip.

We started of having some fish balls and Mango Moshi in the first food stand we saw. While eating we continued our way to the beach. While walking we saw the lock of love wall where there were many locks and hearts in different delightful colours. When I wanted to walk further I saw that it was more a square and that you could go in and see even more.

Passing more colourful buildings we finally made it to the beach. Weird enough there were not many people laying there.. Even though it was almost 40 degrees and the water was tempting. It felt like we discovered a hidden pearl, so we decided to hang there for a while.

Continuing our journey, we walked through small streets and stopped at a temple to take a look. The temple had multiple rooms and was beautiful. They even had old fashioned equipment to forecast your future.

After leaving the temple, we came back to the boulevard to end our Cheung Chau visit. Seeing all the boats in ‘the harbour’ at one side and small shops on the other was very nice, especially because it is not that touristy yet.

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