Phi Phi

On our second day of Island hopping we went to Phi Phi and from there we went to a few more small islands which were more quiet and just as beautiful.

Setting our first footsteps on the island we were overwhelmed; the white sand, the water which was very blue and light and the amount of tourists.. After spending some time in the main area we were ready to explore the island. On the other side of the island there was a small lake separated from the sea by big rocks.

After Phi Phi we went to a place were we could jump out of the boat and swim for a while. It was the bluest water i have ever seen in my entire life. As you can see on the right picture it’s pretty blue, and no i did not edit the picture.

Our last stop was another small island. When you arrive it is full of tourists, but when you walk a little further there is no one to be found. Which resulted to a little private, romantic beach for us.

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