Khao Sok activities

During our stay in Khao Sok we had planned multiple activities to see more of Thailand’s Nature. Spread out over two days we did tree activities Besides telling what I did I will also will give some advice to save money and to other fun activities…

Just as the previous time during the James Bond island tour, we didn’t have to paddle ourselves. We had a guide who was taking us from A to B. On our way we saw a lot of green, monkeys and even snakes. During a short stop at the temple we fed some fish, which you can see on the after movie are fighting to eat the fish food.

You could choose a half or a full day jungle trek with a guide, because of lack of time we decided to only do half a day. After walking for a few hours on the path (what we could have figured ourselves) we got of track and took a route downwards trough the forest to end up at the waterfall.

Let me start with that it was not what we expected at all.. We hoped we could wash elephant and walk with them, but unfortunate i miss red the description and it turned out to be a real trekking when you sit on the elephants back while you see the beautiful jungle. As soon as we realised that we stopped and went back to the camp to feed the elephant, well I learned my lesson. Tip; if you want to wash elephants do some research beforehand and make sure you are at the right place.

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