A night in the jungle

Our third stop was in Khao Sok, were we stayed at the Khao Sok treehouse resort. We were only 10 minutes away from the national park. It was an adorable mini chalet in the trees, with only a bed- and bathroom. One of the most special experiences i’ve ever had.

We already passed elephants, small waterfalls and a few farms before our bus finally stopt on the side of the road to let us out. After only five minutes we reached the resort and not long after we went inside to check in, it started to pour..

After our first activity we were ready for a small dinner and then of to bed.. Our first night in the jungle was very exiting, as well the inside as the outside were looking like a typical treehouse. You didn’t have a real lock on the door, only a small old-fashioned lock with key that you have to put on when you are gone.

Only a part of the bathroom had a roof and the rest were just thin corrugated. So when it started raining again, water came inside and you could hear it drip. Our stone floor was wet as well as the end of our bathtub. Non of this really matters because this made the experience even more realistic.

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