Driving around Phuket

We had a beautiful stay at Patong beach, right at the beach. It is the perfect base to lay on the beach, go sight seeing and book trips to islands like Phi Phi and James Bond island. We asked a taxi to drive us around the whole day.

Our first stop was Karon view point, you could walk around on top of the hill and you had different spots to check out the view of Phuket. I never thought I would see a view with that many aspects at once; green forest, city centers, high buildings and the sea.

Next up we had the Phromtep Cape view point, where you can actually see multiple small islands while you walk your way to the top. You can also take a small path further into the sea, but unfortunate we couldn’t because of the windy weather.. Definitely a tip for when the weather is good.

One thing you have to go to when you are in Phuket is the Big Buddha! They have been building it for many years and it is still not finished. Nevertheless it is great to see, the Buddha is huge. When you walk around you also see a smaller golden Buddha and you can see multiple other statues.

Our last stop was the Luang Pho Wat Chalong Monument, we expected only one temple but there were multiple. We had the luck that we could take a look inside one of the temples. After taking off our shoes we went inside and saw an altar and people praying in front of that.

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