5 Must do’s in Oudtshoorn

Oudshoorn is mainly known for the ostrich farms, but has so much more to offer. There are so many animals to visit here that you need multiple days to enjoy it al. 

This is what Oudshoorn is known for, the many ostrich farms. You can not only do a tour around the farm, but even ride one! It is such a cool experience. The ostriches go super fast but you have a companion so you have little chance of falling of and hurting yourself.

This is a thing that is mostly done by the locals and you will not run into too many tourists. You can choose out of different routes, but if you are not claustrophobic I recommend the adventurous route.  You will walk from different sized caves and you will make a full round through the cave maze.

3. FEED BABY GIRAFFES                                       
This is truly one of the most special things I have ever done. the baby giraffes were abandoned by their mom, which happens to one on ninety-nine giraffes, and are raised here by employees of the farm.


4. HAVING DINNER WITH HIPPO’S                        
The food at Buffelsdrift is amazing, like an Ostrich steak (You must eat one during your stay here!). Besides enjoying your dinner you can also enjoy the view and there is a big chance of seeing multiple hippo’s at the riverside during the sunset.

5. FEED ELEPHANTS                                
Besides eating at Buffelsdrift, you can also feed elephants! They have three elephants whom you can give many fruits to. Besides feeding them, they also give you hugs with their snout.

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