Two days in Oudtshoorn

Oudtshoorn is mostly known for the many ostrich farms, but it has so many more to offer than just that. This was our first stop after Capetown where the would spend two nights. 

The morning started early because at 9 am it was time to feed the baby giraffes. They both have a big living area with both water as land. Because they are so young they still need milk besides hay. As long as you held the big bottle they were super tame and even after feeding them you could stay for a while.

After our morning with the giraffes it was time to see the natural habitat of the ostriches by one of the many tours that they offer. There are multiple spaces for the ostriches and they are often with two or three in a big outdoor space. We first went to the baby ostriches and saw the others later. We ended the tour at a ranch where they explained every bone of the ostrich and we could even make a tiny ride.

2016-05-02 10.11.10.jpg

Before our departure to Knysna we had a quick stop at Buffelsdrift to admire more animals! This time we had the opportunity to feed three elephants. There were multiple baskets of fruit and we could feed the elephants in three different ways. After the feeding  the elephants gave us a big hug, cuteness overload!

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