Capetown, the follow-up

There are people who say that you can see all of Capetown in just one day, but to really see it al it is best to extend your stay. After our first day in Capetown we needed two and a half more days to explore Capetown. And I still would like to go back and see more..

After our first day it was time to hit the road. We really looked forward to this: seeing PENGUINS in Simons Town. You can park your car here for free (but give a tip to the ‘guard’). After walking down a wooden path in-between trees (house of few penguins) there is an entrance where you can buy tickets that lead to the penguins and the beach.

After our first highlight we drove to the National Park where Cape of Good Hope and Cape point are. And the view was sooooo pretty! We started with our hike to the top to reach Cape Point and reached the Light house; Cape Point Light House. It was fun to see how where the other cities in the world are taking that point as starter. Once we walked down we arrived at Cape of Good Hope. You can both hike or go there by car.

2016-04-30 10.21.24

Ofcourse we couldn’t miss Lions Head and the Table Mountain. Because of our tight schedule we thought it was best to go by cablecar, but that is not true. An hour after openingstime the cablecar really opened and then there is still a que.. So if the weather allows it, I recommend to hike.

Something that is less known is The Hussar Grill, you can find this restaurant in multiple places in the city. So if you need a place to eat, you must go here! I also recommend a visit to the cheeta farm, you might even have the luck to hug the cubs.

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