The first day in Capetown

My first journey outside of Europe and I am so excited! In the upcoming two weeks my friend and I will travel to many destinations in South-Africa by car, but our journey starts right here, in Capetown. 

After two long flights we finally landed and we were ready to start our adventure. After picking up our rental car (a true recommendation!) it was time to drive to our first destination. Camps bay, where we stayed the first three nights.

After a heavy ride with many steep hills we arrived and it was even prettier than in the pictures on Air BNB. We had our own pool and a beautiful sea view. This was the perfect place to be.

Once settled it was time to walk down to the beach, unfortunately it was too cloudy to lie down on the beach, but at the boulevard there are several restaurants. There is also a stop for the special hop on hop off bus. This bus goes every ten minutes and drives to various places.

We took the bus until the end destination ‘ Waterfront’. It is a beautiful place in the haven with multiple restaurants, shops and statues. There is also an open air theatre and we were lucky. It was Freedom Dan and kids of all ages performed several dances. It was an amazing experience and a good end of our first day in Capetown.

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